Thursday October 22nd 2020

I had the most amazing birthday today!

Dear Diary,

I had the most amazing birthday today! As you already know, I’m pretty big on birthdays, and I try to always make it fun for myself no matter what. My friends and family of course are also really really amazing. Because I didn’t expect it to be such a lovely day!

Lois did a pretty good job of distributing my Wishlist, making sure that it got to almost everyone. (She did miss a few people though, and if you’re one of them, please come for the remains of the list :p because it’s never too late…)

You know I was born for the baby girl life, and I really wanted to be pampered. Let’s take a look at what my Wishlist had:

  • My debut book, (Perspectives), in print!
  • A Spa day (because I work so hard, don’t I deserve it?)
  • A Mani-Pedi at Gigi’s (Cos why not? I haven’t glammed up in so long!)
  • An Awula bag from Tsui Aku
  • A lovely wig from She Boss.
  • Good perfume Lol!
  • Boooooooooks!!! (You know I ALWAYS want some books!)
  • Hair stuff from Eleven Seventeen Hair Care
  • Some skin care stuff, from Skin Gourmet, or Nokware Skincare
  • Cashes… of course!
  • I can’t seem to remember the other things that were on the list? (And I’m a little too tired to go check lol)

In hindsight, I think the list was actually a little long, but I did get almost everything on it, and a lot more! My friends and family are really top grade! It was such a beautiful day – all gifts aside, a few of my people joined me to have a COVID-19-Protocol-Observed birthday. It was all so beautiful!

I had a few friends asking why I was so hyped about a birthday when it was just a day. I really never have an answer to that question. I just have so much to be grateful for, and there’s that one day I can get overexcited, and not be considered an idiot (jk. I’m constantly overexcited lol). I’ll take any reason to have a good time, any day, and a birthday is definitely one of those days.

I set a few goals for myself…

  1. To live life to the absolute fullest!
  2. To get a little bit closer to God daily.
  3. To never take for granted anybody! (I lost too many in this year, that I never saw coming!)
  4. To never push to another time, that ‘enjoyment’ I can have today. Lol!
  5. To never push to tomorrow, that task/job/thing I can do today
  6. To finish self-publishing my book ASAP.

I am so grateful for a new year, and I can’t believe what friends and family I’ve been blessed with. Already, I can’t wait for my next 21st birthday!

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