His Only Wife

By Peace Adzo Medie

I think everyone in Accra, (also their aunties, step kids, grandchildren) is reading this book! And honestly, it was a good read for me.

My first thoughts after I read the book was: “Ei Peace!”

Because wow… how did I fall in love, and then get bounced just like that!

I had to quickly text my Book Club sisters, because I couldn’t be the only one suffering…

(Shoutout to the Sisterhood of Readers! You ladies really make me a better reader, a better person, a better shuperu… ahem! Okay this isn’t the place to dirty myself or get emo lol!)

I know I should probably tell you the storyline and all, but please let me rant first. My mental health needs this!

You know what the problem is? The problem is I really fell for Eli. After the whole ‘pregnant fall’ scene, I was literally head over heels in love! A fine man with enough money and body, and sense (it turns out he didn’t really have sense like that), who can give good lovings, and good jammings… a baby and a busines… Oh Eli…. Hmm!

Evelyn! Evelyn was really my spirit animal. What a babe! She knew what she wanted, and she was getting it! And when she realized an overbearing old woman was in the way, she moved on!

Why am I even shouting? Afi should have learnt a thing or two from Evelyn… I think. But I guess we are all different?

Aunty, and her daughter…. Wow… wow! I know that Aunty was a good-ish person… she helped people, and she was generous; but does it count as being good if it has to be on your terms? Are you generous if your generosity is to serve as a reason to control people? Doesn’t that qualify as witchcraft? Or it’s only witchcraft if you’re casting spells?

And then her godforsaken daughter! (I can’t even remember her name!) She had so many people fooled… not me. I think after that party she took Afi to, I had some idea she had a whole load of crap in her, (kindly excuse my language) and she proved me right!

Toga Pious… wow I wonder what I’d do with a family member like this. Sometimes I wish I had the pluck of my baby sister. She is the one person I know who could tell Toga Pious things to his face that only a few would only dream! He was just a pain in the hineys… How do you get up and send your children to someone’s house to live there, without the courtesy of calling ahead? Meanwhile your phone suddenly works when it is money that you are calling for? Lol!

And although Eli really broke my heart in the end, I don’t know if I can say all of it was his fault.

I imagine being him.

Imagine being madly, passionately in love with a woman (Wife 1), who loves you just as much. Imagine having to deal with the loss of a child, and the illness of another with her for many years. (From what I’ve seen, very few families survive these things). And then imagine this woman being treated terribly by my family, just because my mother hates her!

And being an idiot who’s unable to stand up to my mother, I end up marrying some other girl, (Wife 2) just so my mum doesn’t cut me off. (Don’t forget that I’m a fully grown man who has businesses and multiple estates, influence and affluence and presumably some sense.)

Of course, Wife 1 would never ask me to choose between my mother/family and her. So she endures my family’s hatred. Even to the point where I have to send her away because wife 2 says if she doesn’t move into my home, she will not marry me anymore, and that has my mothers blood boiling!

So I move in with wife 2 because my mother says so, and we even have a baby! I shower her with love and gifts and everything an amazing husband should do, I do.

Then imagine Wife 2 finding out that I still love Wife 1, still constantly spend time with her.

Also imagine me being stupid enough to think that I can keep both women…

I think Eli’s main fault was his utter stupidity, which also led to his inability to say no to his mother, and his sense of entitlement… thinking that he could eat his cake and have it. Or have his cake and eat it… (which one is it?)

In the end though, I don’t know if I would have left if I was Afi. I would probably have stayed and shown him how to feel exactly how I feel.

I’d have a man on the side (maybe a few men) and teach him exactly what it feels like to be the other lover…the sideboo! Dear church people, I’m still saved and sanctified lol!

This book really put me in my feelings, to be honest. And when it was all over and done, I was left wondering what the other girl’s story was. Can you imagine what the story would be from Muna’s point of view?

If you’ve read the book, please share your thoughts with me. Help me make it make sense!

If you haven’t read it, please find it here

And our dear author… wow! We love you… and I wish I could spend a day in your head, or even collaborate on some writing with you. But in the meantime, please come and give us some answers, LOL!

One thought on “His Only Wife

  1. Dr E you’ve said it all… the story was so relatable and palatable(eeeiiish go me😀).

    In fact Peace we need you to tell us Muna’s part of the story wai.. Pretty pleaseeee.

    We also need to know Eli’s sister’s story. Unless she hasn’t got a life of her own. No child is picture perfect like she’s portraying at all at all.

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