Tuesday January 26th, 2021

My book is out!!

Dear Diary,

I got the first copies of my book today! I wrote a book! Me! Can you believe it?

It still feels like a dream! I’ve really been through IT trying to get this book out… All of it… hell, its environs, etc.!

And now it’s finally here! It’s such a great feeling…

What if people don’t like it? What if… Okay I’ll just stop this right here.

Thank you, Jesus,! I’m grateful!

Thank you for making it all happen, and thank you for Yaw, and Lois, and Mummy and Daddy, and Dora, Unyce & Ben, Mommie and Boii. Also thank you for Steve and his team. This is actually happening, and I’m super super excited!

One day, when I’m a bestselling author (Dear God I hope you can still hear me? Lol.) I hope I don’t get too used to this feeling to get complacent or take it for granted. I can’t thank you enough!


PS – Please don’t let me run at a loss with the sales, lol. Amen

PSS – Please let people like it too. Amen.

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