Finding Accommodation

You don’t necessarily need that fancy hotel! Hotels are great, but often they’re excessively pricey! (If you have the cashes though, go for it!) I’ve only used a handful of hotels in the past. Often I use online resources to find accommodation. Here are a few:

I’ve used Airbnb on more than 75% of my trips, since 2016! Not every day five-star hotel and resorts and spas lol. Some days cheap but lovely accommodation, and then spend the extra money on adventures and fooooood! 😉
Airbnb is a safe space that allows people to rent out their rooms/homes out to guests. It allows all kinds of budgets to travel to all kinds of places!
Here’s a link to get $15 – $65 off your first trip on Airbnb!
The offer only applies to eligible bookings and expires a year after you sign up – so be sure to use it before a year is up! (Terms apply)

Booking.com also allows you to get good accommodation at reasonable prices! They offer a large range of accommodation! From 6 or so star hotels, to budget dorms!

Couch Surfer
I personally haven’t yet had the chance to use Couch Surfer myself, however I’ve had an account for so long, and have a few friends who’ve used it before. It has a similar concept to Airbnb; however, people don’t have specific costs attached to their homes. You create an
account, and verify things about yourself, (to be sure you’re not some serial killer lol). You message a person on the app, let them know where you’re from etc. (Most of which they’ll see from your profile) and ask if they’ll be able to host you in their couch!! Some people have the luxury of an extra bed to offer, and maybe an extra room. A friend I know, paid with Ghana chocolates, after spending 3 days on a lady’s couch in the UK.
Here’s a link to use to create an account.

If I find any other offers, I’ll be sure to put them up! In the meantime, bookmark this, for your next travel experience! Oh and if you have any tips and offers I can use too, please share them in the comment section!

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