Perspectives is a story of six individuals, with six stories. Some intertwined, all relatable.

It’s a story of how we see things, versus how things actually are. Oftentimes,we don’t see the bigger picture. We only see from one view point. Sometimes we don’t see at all. Yet most of the time we have an opinion. All the time we have something to say!

Perspectives is the story of six people

Andrea has been in a loveless, sexless marriage for God knows how long!  Bruma is a successful pastor with a past that haunts, and a wife that nags. Nadia is a beautiful young woman, who’s made a beautiful life for herself after a traumatic heartbreak. Akyiaa is an eccentric doctor with a zest for life.  Wendy was sacked from church for getting pregnant. And Yaa is that ‘elderly lady’ (barely forty) who’s still not married!

Too many, each of them must be doing something wrong. But how can you be so sure? What if we don’t even know the half of it?


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