It’s quite a myth that you need to be very loaded to travel! I have done many trips pretty broke! Hopefully I can recall in full detail how I made all the expenses work out on such trip! In the meantime, even if you don’t have the money yet, make the plan! Draw out a budget! Make it work somehow!

I hope I can somehow, whet your appetite for travelling, and help put it in perspective for you, that it really does not need to be expensive!

Tips & Tricks

Here, let’s discuss a few things I try to live by when I travel cheap!

Plan early!

I cannot overemphasize this! I realise that when I plan early, and have time to look at prices over a couple of months, I end up getting a good deal!

Draw a budget.

What are you able to spend on the airfare? What do you want to spend on food? Do you plan to get souvenirs? Draw a budget for every single thing, down to how much you might tip a tour guide/waiter

Research properly on your accommodation.

Check the reviews, look up the neighbourhood. While cutting on cost may be important, safety is even more important!

Try not to be fussy.

You might need to learn to share dorm/hostel rooms with people of different genders. You might have to use a few bad washrooms (my biggest pet peeve!).